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Personalized Promise Rings

Personalized promise rings symbolize the promise of love between the couple. Presented below is more information on personalized and engraved promise rings.

Promises are a part of every relationship, friendship, etc. And what can be a better symbol of a promise than exchanging a promise ring! One may consider it a novel theme, however, promise rings were exchanged in the 16th and the 17th century. However, they were not called so at that time. What do promise rings mean? Let us have a look.

Meaning of Promise Rings
Promise rings, as the name suggest, are bands exchanged between people as a symbol of a certain promise. In most of the cases, promise rings are exchanged between couples as a mark or a promise of their steady relationship in the future together. These are similar to engagement rings in most of the cases, and hence, are also known as pre-engagement rings. On the other hand, promise rings can also be exchanged between friends as a mark of their friendship. Also, a promise ring is worn by a person to promise himself of chastity, celibacy and abstain from alcohol and drugs. There are also references of Bishops in the ancient times wearing rings as a promise of their spiritual union with the church. Read more on promise rings and promise ring meaning.

Types of Promise Rings
One of the biggest advantages of exchanging promise rings is that they can be made of any material or metal and they have an equal significance. A promise ring that is made of precious stones or metals represents a serious promise. Hence, it is said that if a woman receives a diamond or a studded promise ring, the relationship is considered to be a very serious one and she can expect an engagement ring soon to follow! Among different types of promise rings, those made of diamonds claim to be on the topmost position. Diamonds are considered as a woman's best friend and what could be better than gifting your beloved a diamond ring as representation of your love. One of the biggest advantages of diamond promise rings is that they are available in different types, and shapes, according to one's budget. Diamond promise rings can be made into platinum, gold, silver, titanium, etc. One of the latest trends in promise rings today are personalized promise rings. Let us have a look at it in detail. Read more on promise rings for her.

Personalized Promise Rings
If you really wish to buy a different and a unique promise ring for your beloved, and you have a lot of time in hand, you can surely go for promise rings that are custom made according to your choices and preferences. Most of the renowned jewelers and large jewelry stores provide this service to customers. Promise rings with heart shaped diamonds or other precious stones studded is the most lovely and romantic gift for your beloved. As the heart is the universal symbol of love, what can be better representation of your love than a heart promise ring. You can choose the metal and stones according to your choice and budget. Diamonds in gold and platinum are quite expensive, whereas zirconium and pearls in silver or titanium can be gotten at lesser amounts.

Secondly, engraved promise rings are also gaining popularity nowadays. You can have your beloved's name or one liners like 'I love you' or 'together forever', etc. engraved on the rings. Simple gold bands look the best when engraved, however, it is better to modify them a bit to avoid their resemblance to wedding bands. Engraved rings with the couple's name on either side of the studded stone is also a good option. Cheap personalized promise rings include those made of plastic, copper or aluminum. Men's personalized promise rings are mostly simple and rarely made in elaborate forms. Promise rings for friendship or for individual use are usually simple without studded stones! Read more on matching promise rings.

These rings can be worn on either left or right ring finger of a person. Personalized promise rings are a great way of expressing and keeping your promise to yourself or someone else. So if you have decided on it, do not hesitate, simply go for it. Good luck!
Published: 3/18/2010
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