Wednesday, 17 August 2011

fancy yellow diamonds

Looking for the splendid Christmas present for his beloved wife wife, or girlfriend? When you feel that the administration of a card is not enough, and not settle for less when you can give the best. Diamonds are one of the most precious stones of the earth that is thousands of years to develop.

Diamonds are one of the rarest stones on earth, and as such, costs and arm and a leg for you to have one. The yellow color of the other creates an atmosphere of joy and optimistic views. So what happens if you combine yellow diamonds? Obviously you'll want yellow diamonds that express elegance, class and happiness. Like any other jewelry, fancy yellow diamonds add elegance to every woman and enhance her beauty with its bright colors and shiny.

What a fancy yellow diamond earrings? Check the glamorous and elegant fancy yellow cushion Dangle Diamond Halo wait. Hook is designed especially for the exhibition's most outstanding beauty and finesse. Topped with our ears and earrings are one of the most sought after accessories market today. Are you familiar with the GIA? GIA is synonymous with the Gemological Institute of America, a nonprofit institute that guarantees the public's trust in gems and jewelry by upholding the highest standards of integrity, research, science, etc. Now you know Dangle Fancy Yellow Cushion Diamond Halo slope were observed and graded by the GIA? In fact, the classified reports were made as evidence of the true characteristics of this type of jewelry. This diamond jewelry weighs about 2.68 carats individuals and the design is made of platinum and yellow gold 18Karat not going to be wonderful for the ears beautiful.

When you do not dangling earrings and a diamond earring fancy yellow would be good for your image. Of course, the earth removed and not improvements, fancy yellow diamonds are more than a piece of jewelry. With clarity SI1, is genuine 100% natural and has a brilliant way round for more elegance. It weighs 2.27cts 18K yellow gold studs. This luxury hotel yellow diamond to add to its light with impressive brightness.

What a beautiful and elegant ring? A princess cut, round brilliant measuring 8 mm. With a VS1 clarity is certainly a great gift for the most important person in your life. The ring is platinum and yellow gold. The diamond ring Fancy yellow spindle adjustment and weighing about 7.9 grams.

All of these gems and dazzling spree probably nobody. This means not only to be thoughtful, but also to give the signal that the person is like the precious stone - rare and valuable.

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