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The Louis Vuitton Complete Biography and History - Part II

see previous post, part I here.

  • NAME: Louis Vuitton
  • OCCUPATION: Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer
  • BIRTH DATE: August 04, 1821
  • DEATH DATE: February 27, 1892
  • PLACE OF BIRTH: Anchay, France
  • PLACE OF DEATH: France

For Vuitton, 1854 was a year full of change and transformation. It was a year Vuitton, the encounter with beauty named Emily 17, Clemens Parriaux. His grand-son, Henry Louis Vuitton, said afterwards: "a wink, he gave her the dress fabric heavy hiking boots court held today the change was magnificent, but it requires all the knowledge department manages the store, as the shoulder. " Lewis was much larger. that officials in Paris "Parriaux Vuitton married that spring months, on April 22, 1854 just after his marriage, Mr. Marshall was Vuitton store opened the box of his own packing house of Paris signs outside store read: .. " meal of some the most vulnerable to state specialized packaging. ".

In 1858, four years after opening his shop, the first time
Vuitton whole new breed. Instead of leather was made of gray cloth was lighter, more durable, waterproof odors. Moreover, unlike all previous strains, which were dome Vuitton suitcases were rectangular stackable making them much more convenient delivery of new means of transportation such as a steam train. Most observers considered birth of modern Vuitton luggage trunks.

Tribes was an immediate commercial success, and progress in transportation and expand the growing demand for travel Vuitton luggage set. In 1859, the demand for your luggage, it has expanded to a larger workshop in Asnières, a village outside Paris. Business was booming, not just personal Vuitton orders of the French crown, but also by Ismail Pasha, Khedive of Egypt.

In 1870, however Vuitton activity ended with the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War and the seat next to Paris, which gave way to a bloody civil war that destroyed the French Empire. When the siege ended January 28, 1871,
Vuitton Asnieres return to the village was destroyed, its colleagues, his equipment was stolen and destroyed his shop.

Displaying the stubborn spirit he showed while walking nearly 300 miles in only 13 years old, can do,
Vuitton immediately devoted himself to the rehabilitation of its business. A few months later, he built a new store in a new, a writer on the street. With the new address comes a new emphasis on luxury. Located in the heart of the new Paris, the writer in the street was the home of the prestigious Jockey Club and has an aristocratic atmosphere than previously Asnières Vuitton location. In 1872, a new breed of design Vuitton beige fabric with red stripes. Simple but luxurious new turns the new elite of Paris marked the beginning of a rolling Louis Vuitton label modern luxury brand.

For 20 years,
Vuitton will continue to operate from the first writer innovation, high quality street, luxury luggage, until his death February 27, 1892, at the age of 70 years. But Louis Vuitton line wouldnot die its eponymous founder. Under his son, George, who has made the company famous LV monogram and future generations of Vuittons, whether Louis Vuitton brand to grow internationally renowned lifestyle brand luxury leather, it remains to this day.

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