Friday, 17 August 2012

The Louis Vuitton Complete Biography and History

Continuing my previous post , here i would like to share the full and complete history of Louis Vuitton. I will divide this topic into several post, and hopefully will be able to finished in the next few days. Enjoy!


When the title of Emperor Napoleon of France adopted in 1852, Louis Vuitton has hired his wife is in her box packer. This coverage provided Vuitton elite group of royal customers, offering services to find the length of life and beyond, such as Louis Vuitton brand is renowned lifestyle brand luxury leather it is today. 

Designer and entrepreneur. Louis Vuitton was born August 4, 1821, in Anchay, a small village in the mountains, heavily forested Jura Eastern France. Decrease in long-worker, Vuitton ancestors were cabinetmakers, carpenters, farmers and milliners. Her father, Javier Vuitton, was a farmer and his mother, Coronne Gaillard, was a hatter. Vuitton mother died when he was only 10, and his father remarried soon. Legend had a new stepmother Vuitton serious so bad the wicked fairy tale of Cinderella. Deliberate stubborn child, upset by her stepmother and I miss the life Anchay County, Vuitton decided to escape the bustling capital of Paris.

The first day of spring 1835 was again permitted, at 13, Vuitton home alone, on foot, heading for Paris. He traveled for over two years, taking odd jobs to feed along the way and stay where he could find shelter, as he walked on foot 292 miles from his native Paris Anchay. He arrived in 1837 at age 16, to the capital at the height of the industrial revolution, which had a long list of contradictions: the incredible splendor extreme poverty, devastating epidemics of rapid growth. Vuitton boy was taken as apprentice in the workshop of a manufacturer of box success that Mr. Packer Marshal. In 19th century Europe, the receipt and packaging craft box very urban. Packer manufacturer's box ready for all the boxes of goods loaded are stored personally unloaded the boxes. It took only a few years the reputation of class balance Vuitton Paris Fashion as one of the best practitioners of the city of his new profession.

On December 2, 1851, 16 years after his arrival in Paris Vuitton, Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte staged a coup. Exactly one year later, he took the title of Emperor of France under the name Royal Napoleon III. Restoration of the French Empire under Napoleon III was happy for the young Vuitton. Wife of Napoleon III, Empress of France, Eugenie de Montijo, Countess Spanish. When the marriage with the Emperor, it has engaged its own machine box Vuitton Packer and accused of "packing the most beautiful clothes are wonderful." It suggests that the group Vuitton customers' door royal elite seeking his services for life.

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