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Necklace Ideas | Pearl Necklace for Woman

There's nothing more attractive for a freshwater pearl necklace and shiny in the neck, if you with little black dress pair. Pearl has always been one popular choice among women. It's something the almost magical splendor of a string of pearls. The pearls necklaces are in many models and styles of the classical style necklace Collier of the modern style of the necklace made of rope. Each style that you choose, there is little doubt, be that a string of pearls is the holder of a will, an elegant. If you thought Pearl Necklace are only reserved for the ladies, and then, it would be more wrong. Contemporary design of the Pearl Necklace for women, created by some best jewellery Designer are breath taking.

As you all know a pearl within a mollusc is formed, when an irritating or foreign particle penetrates in the body of the Pearl. Kick this of course, is known as a natural Pearl thus formed the Pearl. However, when a Pearl is formed by inserting a small piece of the round pearls in the mollusc called a Pearl of culture. The majority of the pearls, now known as cultured. Not lower than natural pearls cultured and are in different shapes, sizes and colors. If you want to buy a pearl necklace, make sure to avoid the purchase of a jeweler confidence that cheated to do. Here we know the different designs and styles of necklaces of pearls for women in detail are the famous and fashionable.

Necklaces of pearls for women, the design

The most classic and elegant design Pearl Necklace one reel style with a single strand which is collar. As the name suggests, the length of a string of roles reached style beads of the clavicles. SE consists usually of Pearl White round and a necklace is single-stranded. This is a classic and timeless design and the perfect jewelry worn a gala dinner. You can also have a role necklace Pearl style oval Pearl of roses for a modern look. A different kind of popular Pearl necklace is the morning of the style Pearl chain. It is 20-24 cm long. Better is reserved for casual wear.

You design fashion Pearl necklace is the style of "Lasso" the string of pearls. A style of "Lasso" consists of two or three pearls exposed to since the end of gold or silver necklace Pearl necklace. A necklace made of beads of style "Lasso" no snap and collar is an end of the loop connected another chain threading. It can necklace is a very versatile and elegant clothes. Another great design, that Pearl necklace is the style of the stringed Pearl necklace. It is strung beads together form a long chain, which is approximately 37 cm long. You can choose that small oval beads pink colors of van, black and white round pearls. This type of Pearl String necklace style is higher for monkeys and Maxi dresses.

If you are looking to a modern are the classic Pearl necklace, then you can not wrong go multiple strand Pearl necklace. A multiple-stranded Pearl Necklace consists of three to six chapters of the pearls are of different length. Several strands of pink pearls necklaces, gold and white seem very elegant and preserved. Unique bead chains, which are a combination of other beads Aqua and drop as well as crystals beads also very popular.

This was, some of the designs and styles of necklaces of pearls for women, the famous and fashionable. A beautiful Pearl necklace is an indispensable accessory in every woman jewelry box. A string of pearls can even more, that the dress of pursuit of and make elegant and chic.
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Gold, Silver or Platinum is better for Engagement rings ?

When you slide it Alliance on your finger, it is far more dulce… At that moment, what girlfriend does not want to shout high and clear that she marries the man she loves? After the wedding, you do not resistirĂ¡s to the temptation to proudly display the ring representing the consecration of your feelings. Surely, you will have the impression that everyone is with eyes on him.
Today the Alliance can be gold, silver, Platinum or bright.

The origins of alliances

Their ancestor is the metallic ring exchanged spouses in ancient Rome. This ring is the circle of life and eternity. Later, under Christian influence, gold replaces the iron.

Wedding ring

For centuries, her husband placed an Alliance of gold in the toe of his wife. Not for so long that the future wife gave the measure of his finger to her boyfriend and did not see the Alliance until the wedding day. Today, the surprise effect disappeared: the couple will Board choose the rings to the jewelry, which is an advantage that you can now choose which you truly like.

The ring symbol of marriage

The meaning of the ring

If there is a gem with the high sentimental value is undoubtedly the engagement ring.

The practice of delivering the engagement ring arises between the Roman Knights, who claimed his marriage contract with a piece of iron in the form of ring women retained until that was fulfilled the promise of marriage.

The tradition of this jewel to carry a diamond became popular to the extent made cuts and special montaduras to increase the whiteness and brilliance of the stone.

In fact is said that the first engagement with a diamond ring and the characteristics of which is currently given, which gave him the Archduke Austria Maximilliano to Mary of Burgundy in 1477.

The bride and groom are delivered a circular Alliance, as a symbol of eternal love, representing in the ring which has neither beginning nor end.

In the 9th century, Pope Nicolas authorized to take delivery of rings as the formalization of the relationship of bride and groom. At present, the custom has maintained and ritual is incorporated in the Catholic wedding and some others. Civil weddings, the couple may also make use of this tradition.

The rings can be made of various materials, but the most common are the gold and diamond. When the couple is committed to marriage, the groom gives, usually a loner the bride with a diamond, although you can use another stone.

At the time of the ceremony, rings are exchanged and then girlfriend begins to use her solo with the marriage Alliance. The wife used their rings in the right ring finger by first placing the marriage ring. But moments before the wedding, the bride must agree that is should become the solo right hand, so thus boyfriend can place you the double ring with ease during the ritual.

Marriage with diamond ring

The groom gives ring girlfriend to symbolize their love without end, by its circular shape. Although there are many materials, the most common are made of gold and diamonds, which means that love is as strong and pure as those materials. Finger is annulled by the old belief in the vein of the finger reaches the heart.

My rings will be gold, Platinum, silver how do I decide?


Today permitted the Alliance may have diamonds. They are symbol of eternity. This goes back to the year 1477 when Mary of Burgundy receives a diamond of the Archduke Maximilian of Austria ring. But they are Egyptians who set up lead on the third finger of his left hand. The reason? They were convinced that 'vein of love' started from the heart to finish in the finger. The Alliance gets on the same finger of the headband. Is why it is desirable to have a relationship in size, color, gold, material, style, shape, etc.

When you go to buy engagement ring there is to know about the features of the same. Specify the stones has and the quality of the metal of which it is.

The rings of engagement and marriage can be made in gold (interchangeably in yellow, white or red gold), Platinum (metal more valuable than gold) or silver, if you so prefer.

Marriage rings

When we say that a jewel is gold, is understanding that it is pure gold or 24 karat. 24-Carat gold is soft, why is mixed with other metals to increase its hardness and durability. It is not customary to gold 24 rings, because they would be very soft and easily deform. When a jewel is not 24 Karat, you must have a brand or statement indicating its classification of Carat. This indicates what proportion of gold is mixed with other metals. For example, the gold of 14 Karat (14 K) contains 14 parts of gold, mixed with 10 parts of base metal. Higher is the carat, the higher is the proportion of gold.

When we say that the piece is solid or solid gold, is indicating that it is made with any carat gold but it is not hollow. If indicate you that it is veneered in gold (gold plate), is that the piece is coated in gold on a metal base. The plating in gold is spent in that given use the piece, of course, depending on the thickness and quality of the plating.

The Platinum is a precious metal that costs more than gold. It is usually mixed with other similar metals, known as the platinum group metals. They are: Iridium, Palladium, ruthenium, rhodium, and Osmium.

Platinum quality marks are based on parts of thousand. For example, mark 900 Platinum means that 1000, 900 parts are made of pure Platinum. The abbreviations are Plat. or Pt. A piece of Platinum 950, is simply marked as Platinum. If it is less, then the amount of pure Platinum containing is marked. Some proportions detailing the amount of the metals of the platinum group that contains the piece.

Silver is the least used in wedding rings. Its value is cheaper than gold and Platinum. When speaking of a piece of silver or fine silver is indicating that it contains a 92.5% silver. They are sometimes marked with 925, which means that 925 parts of thousand are pure silver. Some gems are flanges in silver, is a layer of silver on the base metal. Silver pieces require a careful cleaning above which are of gold and Platinum.

To find a ring that will be for life, take into account the quality. Quality in the structure, design and metal that you choose. If you don't see in the piece that you want to buy, a trademark with a mark of quality, then simply not is decided by it!

The accurate measurement of the ring

Looking for a ring of your girlfriend or order it provided while she goes to the bathroom or any other side. Verify in which finger you have and if you can embed it in a SOAP, a piece of clay and even in chewing gum hard to obtain accurate measurement. If you do, make sure that the jeweler gives you the option to fix it, but be careful because sometimes they have to cut and it may lose its original beauty
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Moissanite vs. Diamonds

When one looks to the naked eye, diamonds and moissanite can be difficult to distinguish. Moissanite was invented to compete with the diamond, whose reputation took a severe blow by the number of victims of the buying process on the environment and human rights violations that often occur in the mining industry. When it comes to quality, however, some complain that the most brilliant moissanite created a striking "disco ball" effect, and when viewed in sunlight, it acquires an attractive green color cast or gray .

The diamond remains the most on Earth. This rate of 10 on the scale Mohrs, the industry standard for measuring the strength of the gem. Moissanite is the second at 9.25.

Fire refers to the ability of a gem to disperse white light into spectral colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). Exclusive manufacturer Charles & Colvard moissanite (see Resouces) said that stone fire a dispersion of 0.104, which is almost 2.4 times higher than diamond.

Brightness refers to how a white stone reflects the light, Charles & Colvard moissanite in a refractive index of 2.65 to 2.69 and 2.42 of the diamond.

A belt is the border around the crown of a cut stone. Gridles not usually polishing a diamond, but they are always polite in a moissanite.

According to Diamond Nexus Labs, it is not possible to create a pure white moissanite, which may seem a little green or gray. Although very rare, pure white diamonds do not exist. Many diamonds used clear that people can have a yellowish tone.

Diamond Nexus Labs moissanite estimated cost of $ 525 per carat. for, how a diamond depends on its cut, color, clarity and the number of carats. The most expensive ever sold was purchased in Hong Kong in 2007 by Moussaieff Jewellers in London. Paid 7.98 million dollars for a diamond 6.04. Cost per carat? $ 1.32 million (see Resources).

The hardness
Moissanite jewelry and diamonds are two very difficult. That can last for generations and are durable for everyday use.
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fancy yellow diamonds

Looking for the splendid Christmas present for his beloved wife wife, or girlfriend? When you feel that the administration of a card is not enough, and not settle for less when you can give the best. Diamonds are one of the most precious stones of the earth that is thousands of years to develop.

Diamonds are one of the rarest stones on earth, and as such, costs and arm and a leg for you to have one. The yellow color of the other creates an atmosphere of joy and optimistic views. So what happens if you combine yellow diamonds? Obviously you'll want yellow diamonds that express elegance, class and happiness. Like any other jewelry, fancy yellow diamonds add elegance to every woman and enhance her beauty with its bright colors and shiny.

What a fancy yellow diamond earrings? Check the glamorous and elegant fancy yellow cushion Dangle Diamond Halo wait. Hook is designed especially for the exhibition's most outstanding beauty and finesse. Topped with our ears and earrings are one of the most sought after accessories market today. Are you familiar with the GIA? GIA is synonymous with the Gemological Institute of America, a nonprofit institute that guarantees the public's trust in gems and jewelry by upholding the highest standards of integrity, research, science, etc. Now you know Dangle Fancy Yellow Cushion Diamond Halo slope were observed and graded by the GIA? In fact, the classified reports were made as evidence of the true characteristics of this type of jewelry. This diamond jewelry weighs about 2.68 carats individuals and the design is made of platinum and yellow gold 18Karat not going to be wonderful for the ears beautiful.

When you do not dangling earrings and a diamond earring fancy yellow would be good for your image. Of course, the earth removed and not improvements, fancy yellow diamonds are more than a piece of jewelry. With clarity SI1, is genuine 100% natural and has a brilliant way round for more elegance. It weighs 2.27cts 18K yellow gold studs. This luxury hotel yellow diamond to add to its light with impressive brightness.

What a beautiful and elegant ring? A princess cut, round brilliant measuring 8 mm. With a VS1 clarity is certainly a great gift for the most important person in your life. The ring is platinum and yellow gold. The diamond ring Fancy yellow spindle adjustment and weighing about 7.9 grams.

All of these gems and dazzling spree probably nobody. This means not only to be thoughtful, but also to give the signal that the person is like the precious stone - rare and valuable.

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diamond resorts complaints

There are two words that members of the Club Diamond Resorts vacation that I hate even more that "Diamond" and "stations".
They are "Daniels Silverman," debt collectors hired to try to force members of the cough more intense with the annual management fee. Not that we can see Daniels Silverman having much luck, to judge by the number of stations of diamond very angry members who say they refuse to pay-up.
"They've had enough of us in recent years," said Anne Lawrenson, St Helens, Merseyside, whose annual fees have soared from £ 228 to £ 702.
"We were told when we bought the points you have two weeks to go. We only had one week and not where we wanted."
Barry and Anne Payne, Grantham, Lincs, are persecuted for Daniels Silverman £ 3,844 Diamond Resorts unpaid charges.
"They say they have the right to claim any amount as often as you like and no one can give."
Wilma and John Sutherland, Edinburgh, tried to give the diamond according to John, 73, suffered a stroke, heart problems and knee and hip surgery. However, the diamond has "generously" reduced their demand for unpaid fees of £ 2,958 to £ 2,366.
"We tried several times in the last years of holidays in the UK and have never been successful because they are constantly busy," says Wilma.
"Not that I can not pay, will not pay - not when the rules were changed so blatantly," said Chris Skelton Inverness.
After refusing to pay management fees three years ago, Neil and Valerie Andrew, Bolton, was reported by Daniels Silverman 2958 pounds that need to Diamond Resorts.
"We have no problem with the quality of the stations, but that is irrelevant when you can not book a holiday," they say.
"We just want to give our points and then walk away."
Meanwhile, Steve Phillips and Helen Maughan, Durham, paid £ 9,000 for membership and now face annual fees of more than 800 pounds.
"We were told that fees would not increase by more than inflation," said Steve.
"I should be suing someone for cheating."
The company ultimately owned by the United States, is led by Alan Bentley, Hulme and Sarah Gomeric Suzana.
It is said that the annual rates are affected by factors beyond their control, such as taxes and exchange rates - and are not in demand back pay.
"It is imperative that everyone fulfills its obligation to annual maintenance costs and not to increase the cost of the operations of all other members and owners."
As no one is allowed to give up their points, said membership "is a long term."
What problems identified during the holiday booking?
"We always try to meet the demand for a guest at a specific location and a specific timetable, but reservations are accepted on a first come, first served" basis.
We also contacted Liverpool-based Daniels Silverman - is called "we are one of the good in the industry" - to ask if she has started legal proceedings against the members of Diamond Resorts.
The evasive answer was "not to comment on individual cases," even if they do not ask for details on individual cases. We were interested if the possibility of being brought before the courts was bluffing or had been made.
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Diamond alternatives

While there is rarely a woman who does not love diamonds, a bride-to-be may want something other than a diamond that looks like a diamond for her wedding and engagement rings. The price is often a factor, with some stones like diamonds are more affordable. In other cases, the brightness of the stone is a decisive factor. Hard as it is to believe, there are some gems that are brighter than the diamonds have a hardness and distinguished, it is difficult to scratch easily. Here are five alternatives to diamonds to find a clear stone for your wedding or engagement ring this year:

Moissanite is more brilliant than the diamond and is composed of silicon carbide. Its hexagonal crystal system is what gives the jewel in its unique brilliance and is trained in wedding and engagement jewelry. Named after its discoverer, Henri Moissan, Moissanite is usually found in meteorites and mantle layer in the upper crust. On a scale of mineral hardness, moissanite ranks to 9.25. Moissonite half a carat is quite affordable at about $ 250.00, while the larger carat can cost a thousand dollars. As with regular diamond rings, moissanite can be placed in yellow gold, white gold or platinum. Moissanite Jewelry (1) and the Company moissanite (2) wedding rings carry this stone for brides.

Titania, while the day like a precious stone that was used to imitate diamonds in the 1950s, the diamond is another alternative. Chemically, the composition is titanium dioxide TiO2 is a form of rutile in nature. Titania is the refraction of light the highest of all gemstones. Although it is rarely this gem comes in a pure transparent color moissonite, some women were able to see the trail of red or yellow is present in the titanium oxide, which has a hardness of 6 on the Mohs scale. Titanium oxide gold rings is more likely to be found in antique jewelry stores, it is advisable to consult your jeweler where you would normally be able to get a wedding ring with the stone in it.

White sapphires are generally clear, but perhaps a touch of pink or blue stone. Although most people think that blue sapphires, this type of corundum also appears in the wild pink and yellow. Dirty White 9 on the hardness scale, so durable jewelry, and wedding, but the stone has a high refractive index as the diamond sapphires. This gem still shines, however, and is an alternative that is not automatically think a lot when it comes to wedding rings. You can ask your local jeweler for white sapphires, or try the mall jewelry (3), where several pairs of white sapphire wedding rings are available. The price range of these rings is between $ 360.00 and $ 1500.00 depending on the size of the gems off.

White topaz and sapphire also comes in different colors in nature. This stone is surprisingly affordable wedding rings, which range from $ 200.00 to $ 300.00 for an average of 3 / 4 carat in size. This stone is a delicate white gold, but also comes in regular and even gold can be configured as a metal such as platinum or titanium. White Topaz ranked 8 on the hardness scale and color is a clear signal that no other impurities in the composition of the silicate. As white sapphire is not as bright as the refraction of the diamond is, its refractive index is about half of a diamond. Jewelry for me (4) has a nice selection of wedding rings white topaz, alone, but again, you can ask your local jeweler if the wedding rings are available with this stone in your city.

Beryl goshenite or white is very attractive and has the same refractive index as white topaz 1.6. Beryl occurs in other colors in nature, the emerald is probably the most common. On a scale of hardness beryl to 8 rows. Beryl white stones slot can be easily purchased and personalized loose soil in a ring in your choice of metal, so if you want something that is truly unique in its class, buying a red beryl for that purpose. Tears, ovals and rectangles are the shortest white beryl, and usually cost less than a hundred dollars. Buena Vista Gem Works (5) and AJS Gems (6) carrying cut white beryl sizes. Ask your jeweler preferred to stone in her wedding ring custom made.
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Diamond Gift Giving History

Gift-giving offers in some way turn out to be part of nearly every lifestyle all over the world. No matter their own faith as well as competition, for each event genuinely really worth recalling as well as celebrating the actual presents in many cases are provided or even obtained. Good examples tend to be events, wedding ceremonies, 1st birthdays, graduations, Mom's Day time, Dad's Day time, Xmas, Valentine's, and much more. With presents obtainable, it's a toe nail -- the actual diamonds.

Expensive diamonds generally happen to be close to for a long time. Nevertheless, it had been within Indian 6, 000 in years past, exactly where expensive diamonds had been very first recognized. Whenever this grew to become available, expensive diamonds possess always been emblematic associated with energy as well as reputation, as well as had been utilized because spiritual symbols. Throughout the nineteenth hundred years, expensive diamonds grew to become well-liked by much more as well as much better methods associated with reducing as well as polishing. These days, expensive diamonds continue being utilized primarily because gems.

And also being icons associated with energy as well as reputation, the actual expensive diamonds tend to be valuable, uncommon as well as costly, therefore among the preferred presents for several years. Expensive diamonds tend to be difficult, may final centuries. Actually, the actual gemstone may be the toughest organic materials recognized, therefore the word "diamonds" which come in the ancient greek language term with regard to Adams "indestructible" or even "unchanged". The top of the gemstone can also be very hard in order to absolutely no. The actual toughest expensive diamonds may the begining an additional gemstone. Expensive diamonds could be reduce in to sleek cup.

However, expensive diamonds might final for several years, that created the best icons associated with everlasting adore -- that may endure the actual check of your time. Because of this, the actual expensive diamonds are often provided because wedding bands. Actually, data display which 85% associated with males in many cases are suggested having a diamond ring. As well as this year, or even regarding dollar 9. sixty four million had been allocated to wedding bands as well as wedding ceremony bands. Aside from events as well as wedding ceremonies, expensive diamonds will also be provided because presents in order to commemorate milestones within associations, for example 1st birthdays, Valentine's, 1st birthdays as well as Xmas.

Furthermore, the truth that expensive diamonds tend to be uncommon making all of them excellent presents for that achievement, that arrived at or even accomplished some thing excellent, such as graduation through university, moving the actual club examinations, lastly, obtain a level Experts and much more. With regard to these types of events, diamond stud earrings, anklet bracelets, bracelets as well as wrist watches tend to be ideal presents.

Expensive diamonds really are a secure method to commemorate unique events, however you will find individuals who simply likes to provide luxurious presents, luxurious as well as natural, such as a bit of diamonds, whether there's a opportunity. Anytime there's the requirement for that component of shock, expensive diamonds could be the situation.

Each time you purchase diamonds, it's essential to ensure the actual gemstone is actually licensed in order to verify it's authenticity. The actual accreditation demands how the gemstone had been looked over, which contain precisely the actual D four -- carat, reduce, colour as well as clearness. Nevertheless, accreditation may also result in higher expenses. Occasionally, obtaining a diamond ring isn't licensed might be more affordable, however it indicates that you ought to obtain a accreditation, after that obviously, should you choose. Nevertheless, if you're uncertain, usually choose the actual accreditation associated with expensive diamonds.

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Batik Dinnerware Diamond Bowl

Batik Dinnerware Diamond Bowl
The shape of this batik dinnerware is inspired by diamond shape of card game. Though the shape is simple without special curve or something, this simplicity is the strength of this tableware. This unique craft tries to balance its rich pattern with its simple design. Ornamented with the excessive patterns, this bowl is beautiful without getting too much because of its simple shape of diamond.
This set of dinnerware adorned in a different pattern each. Basically, this tableware is decorated with Batik pattern. One of them is ornamented with Batik Parang Rusak Barong pattern while the other three are ornamented with contemporary Batik pattern. Parang Rusak Barong is characterized with its pattern in a shape of Javanese traditional sword in white color. This pattern was only used by the Javanese king in the old time to symbolize awareness and self-control. This unique craft also festooned with the painting of hibiscus flower which represents delicate beauty.
In a dimension of 7”x 5.6”x 2” and 100 grams of weight, this batik is rich in ornaments. Made of white albizia wood and furnished in a natural wood color, this unique craft offers a classical taste of traditional dinnerware. It’s like serving traditional work of art in a unique dish.

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How Much Do Promise Rings Cost

Buying a promise ring for the first time is indeed exciting. If you keep a sharp eye on details, you can easily sort out the best when you have enough information about the current rates of different types of rings. We have provided some examples over here. Read on...

Exchanging promise rings was once a tradition confined only to couples going to get married. This belief has been perpetuated till today and people have started accepting promise rings in many different forms. They consider gifting promise rings to their loved ones for the purpose of keeping their promise alive. With rise in demand of promise rings, many brands have come up, selling products at an affordable price. It's quite obvious to ponder on, how much do a promise ring costs when you are buying it for the first time. We have provided you a guide in this article from which you will derive a fair idea about the price of different types of promise rings.

Guide to Cost of Promise Rings

The price of promise rings depends on many factors, viz, the quality and size of the stone, the type of metal and of course, the manufacturing brand determines its cost. Buying an expensive promise ring is worth when you are gifting it to your prospective wife or husband. You can either buy from retail outlets or from any of those leading online portals. Sterling Silver diamond rings are classy having high clarity and precision. You can purchase their products over online shopping portals at discounted rates. Sterling Silver's diamond rings have price in the range of US $29.99 to US $69.99. It is worth to mention, the diamond solitaires offered by Sterling Silver are stunning and timeless.

Wonderful designs within US $100 are offered by JC Penney and Cubic Zirconia. You can personalize them with a stone of your choice or avail their designs. Versatile designs are available in shapes of heart, crucifix, circle, square, oval, etc. A silver coating of 6 mm is considerably heavy, that enamors your fingers quite gorgeously. A 14k white gold ring is generally priced approximately at US $150 or more. Another good option is to customize the ring with gemstones or birthstones. The cost of such rings depends on the value of the gemstone in the market. For example, the price listed by the site 'ourpromiserings' for a 4 mm ruby heart promise ring is US $159. Ruby is an expensive gemstone and so is diamond, pearl and sapphire. Thus, depending on the type of gemstone used and the material of the ring, you can make a purchase with less than US $100 also.

Promise rings having vintage princess cuts are much adored by the female folks. You need to spend just within the range of US $73.00 to US $130 for purchasing a white gold rhodium ring embedded with five stones of princess cut. Check collections of LuShae Jewelry to grab those beautiful rings. Some other designs lying within this price range are, kissing hearts ring, two hearts ring and yours truly design. Addition of precious and semi precious stones to these white gold rhodium pieces enhances their beauty and charm.

The price offered by Amazon and eBay is probably the most reasonable. You can even opt for promise rings within US $50 as well. Traditional designs have revived and with this, the classic Celtic designs and Christian rings are considered to be extremely fashionable. We have provided you the approximate price of some rings over here. Price of Sterling silver Claddagh heart in hands band ring, US $17.48; 7 mm Wide Claddagh Sterling Silver 4 mm Band Ring, US $12.99; Titanium 9 mm (3/8 in.) Flat Comfort Fit Band Ring Claddagh Pattern, US $8.95; 8 mm Wide Claddagh with 3 mm Heart Celtic Knot 2 mm Wide Band Sterling Silver Ring, US $13.99 and Claddagh Sterling Silver Emerald Crystal Ring, $26.50. This is the price offered by the leading consumer website, Amazon.

I hope this short and crisp guide on rates of promise rings has proven useful to you. So, you can well reckon the expenses involved in buying a good quality ring. The price should not be an obstacle for you, as the person being gifted with, values your sentiments more than money. Buy a ring that will suit his/her personality and will epitomize the promise that you have so solemnly vowed.
Published: 6/23/2011
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Personalized Promise Rings

Personalized promise rings symbolize the promise of love between the couple. Presented below is more information on personalized and engraved promise rings.

Promises are a part of every relationship, friendship, etc. And what can be a better symbol of a promise than exchanging a promise ring! One may consider it a novel theme, however, promise rings were exchanged in the 16th and the 17th century. However, they were not called so at that time. What do promise rings mean? Let us have a look.

Meaning of Promise Rings
Promise rings, as the name suggest, are bands exchanged between people as a symbol of a certain promise. In most of the cases, promise rings are exchanged between couples as a mark or a promise of their steady relationship in the future together. These are similar to engagement rings in most of the cases, and hence, are also known as pre-engagement rings. On the other hand, promise rings can also be exchanged between friends as a mark of their friendship. Also, a promise ring is worn by a person to promise himself of chastity, celibacy and abstain from alcohol and drugs. There are also references of Bishops in the ancient times wearing rings as a promise of their spiritual union with the church. Read more on promise rings and promise ring meaning.

Types of Promise Rings
One of the biggest advantages of exchanging promise rings is that they can be made of any material or metal and they have an equal significance. A promise ring that is made of precious stones or metals represents a serious promise. Hence, it is said that if a woman receives a diamond or a studded promise ring, the relationship is considered to be a very serious one and she can expect an engagement ring soon to follow! Among different types of promise rings, those made of diamonds claim to be on the topmost position. Diamonds are considered as a woman's best friend and what could be better than gifting your beloved a diamond ring as representation of your love. One of the biggest advantages of diamond promise rings is that they are available in different types, and shapes, according to one's budget. Diamond promise rings can be made into platinum, gold, silver, titanium, etc. One of the latest trends in promise rings today are personalized promise rings. Let us have a look at it in detail. Read more on promise rings for her.

Personalized Promise Rings
If you really wish to buy a different and a unique promise ring for your beloved, and you have a lot of time in hand, you can surely go for promise rings that are custom made according to your choices and preferences. Most of the renowned jewelers and large jewelry stores provide this service to customers. Promise rings with heart shaped diamonds or other precious stones studded is the most lovely and romantic gift for your beloved. As the heart is the universal symbol of love, what can be better representation of your love than a heart promise ring. You can choose the metal and stones according to your choice and budget. Diamonds in gold and platinum are quite expensive, whereas zirconium and pearls in silver or titanium can be gotten at lesser amounts.

Secondly, engraved promise rings are also gaining popularity nowadays. You can have your beloved's name or one liners like 'I love you' or 'together forever', etc. engraved on the rings. Simple gold bands look the best when engraved, however, it is better to modify them a bit to avoid their resemblance to wedding bands. Engraved rings with the couple's name on either side of the studded stone is also a good option. Cheap personalized promise rings include those made of plastic, copper or aluminum. Men's personalized promise rings are mostly simple and rarely made in elaborate forms. Promise rings for friendship or for individual use are usually simple without studded stones! Read more on matching promise rings.

These rings can be worn on either left or right ring finger of a person. Personalized promise rings are a great way of expressing and keeping your promise to yourself or someone else. So if you have decided on it, do not hesitate, simply go for it. Good luck!
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Tanzanite Engagement Rings

Tanzanite engagement rings are turning out to be a huge rage among couples nowadays. Read on to know all about tanzanite engagement rings...

Choosing an engagement ring is always a daunting task. There are so many choices and so little time! So why not go in for tanzanite engagement rings? Tanzanite is a rich variety of the mineral zoisite which was first discovered in Tanzania, in Africa. In fact, most of its appeal lies in this fact for gemstone enthusiasts, as this stone is not found anywhere else in the world. It has a rich blue and purple hue and is one of the reasons why tanzanite engagement rings are becoming such a rage. Given below are details regarding tanzanite rings.

Characteristics of Tanzanite Engagement Rings
Tanzanite is made of several hues of color and so, is considered to be a three color stone. For this reason, it should be inspected in different shades of light. As it resembles sapphire, its most desirable color is a deep shade of blue with a slightly purplish hue around the edges. This color is difficult to obtain in smaller stones and that's why tanzanite stones are difficult to match. Also, these stones are very fragile, so if you are inspecting a tanzanite stone, be sure to first clean the surface of the stone with a soft cloth. However, tanzanite normally has the least amount of inclusions when compared to most gemstones. The two major flaws are cracks and dark spots that may be present within the stone. The cracks especially could become a serious problem as they may eventually lead to breakage of the stone if subjected to any kind of vertical or horizontal stress. Read more on tanzanite jewelry.

Tanzanite is a stone that is difficult to cut, as the crystalline structure of the stone resists fracturing when stress is applied. A trilliant cut is the most expensive type of cut, while a round cut comes a close second. The trilliant is a triangle shaped cut which has fifty-eight facets. However, always examine the stone for its proportion and symmetry. Hence, it would be wiser to purchase a loose stone first so that it can be inspected from all directions and in different colors of light.

Tanzanite stones are generally heat treated so as to give it the characteristic true blue color. It is very rare to find a blue color stone that has not been heat treated, as such stones are generally gray, brown or bronze in color. There are very few stones that come close to the beautiful blue color of a tanzanite. One such well known imitation stone is lolite. This is less expensive and closely resembles tanzanite, so be sure while buying a tanzanite stone, you are not being sold lolite instead. Lolites are relatively lighter in color and when looked at from the side, appear to be almost colorless.

Taking Care of Tanzanite Engagement Rings
Tanzanite is one of the softest gems, as it has a hardness of less than 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness. It needs to be, therefore, treated with extra care. Ultrasonic cleaning processes could irreparably damage the stone, and even harsh chemicals can discolor, scratch, or otherwise harm this beautiful gem. The setting should be protective, and thin prongs are not recommended because they offer the least security and protection for the fragile edges of this gem. Also, tanzanite can be difficult to repair because these stones are susceptible to damage from torch heat and other regular repair processes. Always store tanzanite engagement rings and jewelry separately from other pieces to avoid any rubbing, friction and accidental damage.

This was all about tanzanite engagement rings. An engagement ring is a special gift that signifies the union of two people. Also, there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to designing these rings, as they can also be combined with other stones to make diamond and tanzanite engagement rings. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and get that beautiful blue stone you've always dreamed of!
Published: 5/4/2010
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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings

Yellow sapphire engagement rings are becoming the choice of people due to its beauty and charisma. Read on to know the details.

Sapphire originated from the Greek word sappheiros, which actually meant blue stone. The composition of minerals create a variant color scheme to the gemstones. Sapphires have a great composition with aluminum oxide being the main component of the mineral corundum. Depending upon the composition of other elements like chromium, titanium and iron, the color range from blue, pink, green, purple, orange, green and yellow. The significance of yellow sapphires is actually connected with human life and bondage, with yellow having a divine appeal. And so, yellow sapphire engagement rings are still wooed by people. The age old gemstone is believed to be auspicious for sacred ceremonies. Yellow sapphires, from astrological point of view is known to uplift financial status and bring peace and harmony in life, the most essential after marriage. If we consider the worth of gemstones, they are just next to diamonds.

Yellow sapphires are adorned as jewelery apart from engagement rings. The naturally occurring gemstone is found in rock sediments and industrial exploration of sapphires has gained prominence in the gemstone industry. Yellow sapphires are mostly found in Thailand, Sri Lanka, North America, East Africa, Australia and Madagascar. Other than ornamentation, they are also used as infrared optical, wristwatch crystals, electronic wafers, etc. owing to its remarkable hardness. Read the next segment and come to know the worth of yellow sapphire engagement rings.

Yellow Sapphire in Engagement Rings

Many people still have the belief that diamond rings are the best buy as engagement rings and I'm sure you must have come across the expensive yellow diamond engagement rings. If they are beyond your afford, then opt for the alternative, i.e, the charismatic yellow sapphire. Yellow sapphires, among few gemstones, are neutral stones showing no adverse effect on the wearer. Therefore, be sure that your bride or groom is gonna be safe! Rather, if you have faith in astrology, this piece of jewelry shall bring wealth. Yellow sapphires are also worn as pendents due to its much touted healing properties. It's also known to be ruled by the planet Jupiter, bringing good luck and success. Yellow sapphires are actually heat treated that renders a strong and deep color. Heat treating is required to upgrade the quality of gemstones and is quite contrary to the popular belief that treatment destroy the character. Yellow sapphire rings that have been heat treated are expensive than the natural ones. Amalgamation of beauty and features make yellow sapphire engagement rings popular among couples going to tie the knot of love.

It's the beauty of gemstones that attract people so much so, that they are ready to accept it as an alternative for diamond rings. Yellow color is radiant and charismatic, with hues ranging from pale yellow, honey tones, golden yellow and bright yellow. Rings are mostly found as gold, silver and platinum with stones embedded in them. A single centerpiece in a golden ring looks simple and chaste. The beautiful solitaire is sometimes enamored with intricate designs leading to discovery of some antique yellow sapphire engagement rings. They are emboldened with European cut diamonds, with sapphire being the main attraction.

The vintage scalloped rectangle is the original design for European cuts. Other varieties have designs with platinum settings studded with marigold yellow sapphire stones surrounded by an opulent diamond. The most breathtaking is a platinum ring adorned with detailed embellishment of yellow sapphire. They are amazingly gorgeous form of antique yellow sapphire engagement rings. If price is a factor, then you can make a simple compromise. The lab created yellow sapphires, retaining the same charm, offers a lower price.

I guess now you have known the value and worth of yellow sapphire engagement rings. I'm sure your beloved will simply love the gift. After all, you have put an effort to select this particular sort, special, royal and symbolic of faithfulness, truth and loyalty. Just don it!
Published: 9/4/2010
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Monday, 1 August 2011

Creative Necklace Holder Ideas

Looking for space that warmly wraps your precious necklace? Why not get help from some creative necklace holder ideas, and get yourself a perfect necklace holder on display!

Girls and pearls make a strong bond. I must say all that is precious, adorable and accentuating feminine charm makes its way to a girls heart. Diamonds are a girl's best friends, and we all would agree that every gem has some or the other deep relationship, when it comes to women. No wonder there are so many times when you cannot help but shop for jewelry, while the mirror in the store smiles as you try each piece of it. Well, most of us have a collection of jewelry and for the necklace lovers, you know this is one piece that cannot be dumped into a container, or a drawer. Especially if it is an expensive one. Necklaces are threads with precious stones, gems, beads and all that can adore your neck. Keeping them safe is one big task, and if you have a collection of them, it becomes even more tough. So how do you carefully store each necklace, while still respecting your wardrobe space and room interiors? Well, if you do not get the most adoring piece of stand or holder that can help you, do not worry. We have some of creative necklace holder ideas that can help. Go through these simple tips that will also give you an idea on how to make a necklace holder. Sounds interesting right? Let's get crafting then...

Easy Necklace Holder Ideas

The most important task is to keep the necklaces hanging well, to prevent tangling and damage of the stones or pearls in it. So we will focus on something that will enable a good hanging space. Girls, first of all decide what theme you want on the necklace holder. Would it be trendy, urban, natural or rustic? This should filter your options for creating a necklace holder. Next you will need to think on the space that it is going to be placed on and the size of the necklaces that you will be hanging on it. Depending on that, you can chalk down the dimensions of the holder or the size, we can say. Then comes your creativity like the style and its colors that should compliment your room or the display area. Some other aspects that you need to consider are: security and ease of access to the necklace, portability of the holder, strength and weight of the necklace, etc. This should further help you narrow down the final product. We have listed some ideas that can help:

Go Natural: This is perhaps for a theme that is natural or rustic. You can use a branch of a tree or a hawthorn branch, clean the leaves (remove them). If you want you may tie or wrap the twigs with wool to make it more strong. Simply let the necklace hang from the branches. You may place these branches in a flower pot or a similar container that can hold them. For more attractive looks, cover the branches in foil or other paper, to add some shine or color. A rusty household knick knack, like a metal candle stand or holder with levels, can also be a good option for hanging necklaces. You can also make a wire tree, that can hang necklaces with ease.

Metals and Frames: A metal frame or any photo frame is a good idea and most popular too. You will need a frame with the glass. Now all you need to do is get some paper clips that can be tweaked to make a hook on one end. Using strong adhesive or glue for mirror, simply paste these hooks, using the frame horizontally or vertically. Your necklace stand is ready! You may use colors and paint the back ground of the glass, or simply use foil or fabric from the back of the glass to make it more playful.

Doll it Up: This may sound a silly, but it works. If you have statuettes, like a cute little girl or a doll that is big and sturdy enough, make use of these home elements to create your necklace hanger. A ceramic or stone statue can be used, and if the hands and arms of the statue are spread out, you have even more space to hang the necklace. As for dolls, it goes for all the pinks and curls loving girls! Simply hang the necklace on the doll. Place her on a bench or a customized and decorated basket.

Glass and Stone: This may be the simplest of all. It sure gives a hint of elegance and sophistication. All you need is a martini glass, with a wide mouth, as much as possible. Let your necklace sink in the glass from one end and hang out the other end out of the glass so that it flows along the glass stem. You may place some small stones in the glass to perhaps balance the glass and make it more creative. A stone structure, that is more like a rock, but a creative one, that has a decent shape, can be used as a platform to hang or lay your necklace. The rock should be shaped more like a bust, so that you can hang the necklace well.

Some other ideas like using shoe boxes draped in fancy cloth can also make a good jewelry organizer to hold your necklaces; one may also use a bulletin board, that is decorated with hooks, as a creative necklace holder. You can make use of every day things to make a necklace holder. Creative necklace holder ideas are unlimited, and with a little observation and simple tricks, you can make amazing ones, which will sure gather some compliments! 

Published: 6/29/2011
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