Tuesday, 16 August 2011

diamond resorts complaints

There are two words that members of the Club Diamond Resorts vacation that I hate even more that "Diamond" and "stations".
They are "Daniels Silverman," debt collectors hired to try to force members of the cough more intense with the annual management fee. Not that we can see Daniels Silverman having much luck, to judge by the number of stations of diamond very angry members who say they refuse to pay-up.
"They've had enough of us in recent years," said Anne Lawrenson, St Helens, Merseyside, whose annual fees have soared from £ 228 to £ 702.
"We were told when we bought the points you have two weeks to go. We only had one week and not where we wanted."
Barry and Anne Payne, Grantham, Lincs, are persecuted for Daniels Silverman £ 3,844 Diamond Resorts unpaid charges.
"They say they have the right to claim any amount as often as you like and no one can give."
Wilma and John Sutherland, Edinburgh, tried to give the diamond according to John, 73, suffered a stroke, heart problems and knee and hip surgery. However, the diamond has "generously" reduced their demand for unpaid fees of £ 2,958 to £ 2,366.
"We tried several times in the last years of holidays in the UK and have never been successful because they are constantly busy," says Wilma.
"Not that I can not pay, will not pay - not when the rules were changed so blatantly," said Chris Skelton Inverness.
After refusing to pay management fees three years ago, Neil and Valerie Andrew, Bolton, was reported by Daniels Silverman 2958 pounds that need to Diamond Resorts.
"We have no problem with the quality of the stations, but that is irrelevant when you can not book a holiday," they say.
"We just want to give our points and then walk away."
Meanwhile, Steve Phillips and Helen Maughan, Durham, paid £ 9,000 for membership and now face annual fees of more than 800 pounds.
"We were told that fees would not increase by more than inflation," said Steve.
"I should be suing someone for cheating."
The company ultimately owned by the United States, is led by Alan Bentley, Hulme and Sarah Gomeric Suzana.
It is said that the annual rates are affected by factors beyond their control, such as taxes and exchange rates - and are not in demand back pay.
"It is imperative that everyone fulfills its obligation to annual maintenance costs and not to increase the cost of the operations of all other members and owners."
As no one is allowed to give up their points, said membership "is a long term."
What problems identified during the holiday booking?
"We always try to meet the demand for a guest at a specific location and a specific timetable, but reservations are accepted on a first come, first served" basis.
We also contacted Liverpool-based Daniels Silverman - is called "we are one of the good in the industry" - to ask if she has started legal proceedings against the members of Diamond Resorts.
The evasive answer was "not to comment on individual cases," even if they do not ask for details on individual cases. We were interested if the possibility of being brought before the courts was bluffing or had been made.

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