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Gold, Silver or Platinum is better for Engagement rings ?

When you slide it Alliance on your finger, it is far more dulce… At that moment, what girlfriend does not want to shout high and clear that she marries the man she loves? After the wedding, you do not resistirás to the temptation to proudly display the ring representing the consecration of your feelings. Surely, you will have the impression that everyone is with eyes on him.
Today the Alliance can be gold, silver, Platinum or bright.

The origins of alliances

Their ancestor is the metallic ring exchanged spouses in ancient Rome. This ring is the circle of life and eternity. Later, under Christian influence, gold replaces the iron.

Wedding ring

For centuries, her husband placed an Alliance of gold in the toe of his wife. Not for so long that the future wife gave the measure of his finger to her boyfriend and did not see the Alliance until the wedding day. Today, the surprise effect disappeared: the couple will Board choose the rings to the jewelry, which is an advantage that you can now choose which you truly like.

The ring symbol of marriage

The meaning of the ring

If there is a gem with the high sentimental value is undoubtedly the engagement ring.

The practice of delivering the engagement ring arises between the Roman Knights, who claimed his marriage contract with a piece of iron in the form of ring women retained until that was fulfilled the promise of marriage.

The tradition of this jewel to carry a diamond became popular to the extent made cuts and special montaduras to increase the whiteness and brilliance of the stone.

In fact is said that the first engagement with a diamond ring and the characteristics of which is currently given, which gave him the Archduke Austria Maximilliano to Mary of Burgundy in 1477.

The bride and groom are delivered a circular Alliance, as a symbol of eternal love, representing in the ring which has neither beginning nor end.

In the 9th century, Pope Nicolas authorized to take delivery of rings as the formalization of the relationship of bride and groom. At present, the custom has maintained and ritual is incorporated in the Catholic wedding and some others. Civil weddings, the couple may also make use of this tradition.

The rings can be made of various materials, but the most common are the gold and diamond. When the couple is committed to marriage, the groom gives, usually a loner the bride with a diamond, although you can use another stone.

At the time of the ceremony, rings are exchanged and then girlfriend begins to use her solo with the marriage Alliance. The wife used their rings in the right ring finger by first placing the marriage ring. But moments before the wedding, the bride must agree that is should become the solo right hand, so thus boyfriend can place you the double ring with ease during the ritual.

Marriage with diamond ring

The groom gives ring girlfriend to symbolize their love without end, by its circular shape. Although there are many materials, the most common are made of gold and diamonds, which means that love is as strong and pure as those materials. Finger is annulled by the old belief in the vein of the finger reaches the heart.

My rings will be gold, Platinum, silver how do I decide?


Today permitted the Alliance may have diamonds. They are symbol of eternity. This goes back to the year 1477 when Mary of Burgundy receives a diamond of the Archduke Maximilian of Austria ring. But they are Egyptians who set up lead on the third finger of his left hand. The reason? They were convinced that 'vein of love' started from the heart to finish in the finger. The Alliance gets on the same finger of the headband. Is why it is desirable to have a relationship in size, color, gold, material, style, shape, etc.

When you go to buy engagement ring there is to know about the features of the same. Specify the stones has and the quality of the metal of which it is.

The rings of engagement and marriage can be made in gold (interchangeably in yellow, white or red gold), Platinum (metal more valuable than gold) or silver, if you so prefer.

Marriage rings

When we say that a jewel is gold, is understanding that it is pure gold or 24 karat. 24-Carat gold is soft, why is mixed with other metals to increase its hardness and durability. It is not customary to gold 24 rings, because they would be very soft and easily deform. When a jewel is not 24 Karat, you must have a brand or statement indicating its classification of Carat. This indicates what proportion of gold is mixed with other metals. For example, the gold of 14 Karat (14 K) contains 14 parts of gold, mixed with 10 parts of base metal. Higher is the carat, the higher is the proportion of gold.

When we say that the piece is solid or solid gold, is indicating that it is made with any carat gold but it is not hollow. If indicate you that it is veneered in gold (gold plate), is that the piece is coated in gold on a metal base. The plating in gold is spent in that given use the piece, of course, depending on the thickness and quality of the plating.

The Platinum is a precious metal that costs more than gold. It is usually mixed with other similar metals, known as the platinum group metals. They are: Iridium, Palladium, ruthenium, rhodium, and Osmium.

Platinum quality marks are based on parts of thousand. For example, mark 900 Platinum means that 1000, 900 parts are made of pure Platinum. The abbreviations are Plat. or Pt. A piece of Platinum 950, is simply marked as Platinum. If it is less, then the amount of pure Platinum containing is marked. Some proportions detailing the amount of the metals of the platinum group that contains the piece.

Silver is the least used in wedding rings. Its value is cheaper than gold and Platinum. When speaking of a piece of silver or fine silver is indicating that it contains a 92.5% silver. They are sometimes marked with 925, which means that 925 parts of thousand are pure silver. Some gems are flanges in silver, is a layer of silver on the base metal. Silver pieces require a careful cleaning above which are of gold and Platinum.

To find a ring that will be for life, take into account the quality. Quality in the structure, design and metal that you choose. If you don't see in the piece that you want to buy, a trademark with a mark of quality, then simply not is decided by it!

The accurate measurement of the ring

Looking for a ring of your girlfriend or order it provided while she goes to the bathroom or any other side. Verify in which finger you have and if you can embed it in a SOAP, a piece of clay and even in chewing gum hard to obtain accurate measurement. If you do, make sure that the jeweler gives you the option to fix it, but be careful because sometimes they have to cut and it may lose its original beauty

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