Saturday, 6 August 2011

Batik Dinnerware Diamond Bowl

Batik Dinnerware Diamond Bowl
The shape of this batik dinnerware is inspired by diamond shape of card game. Though the shape is simple without special curve or something, this simplicity is the strength of this tableware. This unique craft tries to balance its rich pattern with its simple design. Ornamented with the excessive patterns, this bowl is beautiful without getting too much because of its simple shape of diamond.
This set of dinnerware adorned in a different pattern each. Basically, this tableware is decorated with Batik pattern. One of them is ornamented with Batik Parang Rusak Barong pattern while the other three are ornamented with contemporary Batik pattern. Parang Rusak Barong is characterized with its pattern in a shape of Javanese traditional sword in white color. This pattern was only used by the Javanese king in the old time to symbolize awareness and self-control. This unique craft also festooned with the painting of hibiscus flower which represents delicate beauty.
In a dimension of 7”x 5.6”x 2” and 100 grams of weight, this batik is rich in ornaments. Made of white albizia wood and furnished in a natural wood color, this unique craft offers a classical taste of traditional dinnerware. It’s like serving traditional work of art in a unique dish.

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