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Simulated Diamond Engagement Rings

Simulated diamond engagement rings have become very popular amongst couples who want to make an affordable investment on diamond rings. Read ahead and check out the details about the companies manufacturing them.

Someone has wisely spoken, diamonds are a girl's best friend. A real diamond ring in your finger has the ability to evoke envy amongst others. But today, simulated diamonds look so much like real diamonds, that it's nearly impossible for a common man to distinguish between the two types. Simulated diamond engagement rings have flooded the market in a variety of designs and colors. The colorful piece of jewelry emanates the brilliance and sparkle just like original diamonds. So let's first find out what are simulated diamonds.

What are Simulated Diamonds?

Simulated diamonds or lab created diamonds are also known as 'manufactured' or 'cultured diamonds'. After the discovery that diamonds were composed of carbon, scientists made various attempts to synthesize diamonds in laboratories. This fetched successful results with products being created till today, simulating the brilliance of real diamonds. They are created so perfectly that their physical composition is nearly similar to that of original diamonds. Simulated diamonds posses peculiar properties, that resemble the characteristics or pure diamonds. Simulated diamond jewelry have become much popular among couples who cannot incur an immediate expense on original pieces of diamonds. Mentioned below, are the types high quality simulated diamonds manufactured today.

Best Quality Simulated Diamonds

It's important for you to know the best simulated diamonds available in the jewelry stores, so that you can make a fair investment on wedding rings and jewelry. Synthetic white sapphire or spinel was the first crystalline diamond simulants. They have a composition of pure magnesium aluminum oxide and is popularly known as radiant or diamondite. The simulated diamonds carved from glass are definitely not of good quality owing to its low refractive index and fragility. Sometimes, they have trapped air bubbles inside, increasing its fragility. However, glass simulants were very much famous amongst women during the Victorian era.

Synthetic rutile is made from pure titanium oxide and is available in bold colors, like red, blue, yellow, etc. They have a beautiful glow similar to that of original diamonds. Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (YAG) is a very popular product of simulated diamond. Although it has a low refractive index, it's one of the best types. They are successfully ruling the market since a long time due to their unique designs, colors and above all quality. Moissanite is a new entrant in the market made out of silicon carbide. Moissanite diamonds have high refractive index and has a sharp sparkle and fire. The beauty and quality of Moissanite is the best till date.

Lab Simulated Diamond Engagement Rings

The simulated diamond wedding rings ruling the market are manufactured by companies like Cubic Zirconia and Gemesis. The engagement rings are available in multiple colors. The beautiful designs have colors of pink, green, red, blue and yellow. Pale shades like ivory, peach, white and mauve look chaste. The rings are embellished with gold and silver. Companies like 'Diamond Essence', 'Elegante Garnet' and 'Absolute' are giving a tough competition to Cubic Zirconia. 'Diamond Essence' has beautiful collections of simulated diamond jewelry that range from rings, pendents and bangles. Their simulated diamond engagement rings are studded with colorful diamonds, with metallic finishes. 'Gemesis' diamonds are produced meticulously under lab controlled environment having a perfect composition that add to its charismatic appeal.

'Russian Brilliants' is one of the best company that manufactures simulated diamonds. One of the oldest varieties of simulated diamonds are the Russian simulated diamonds. They have a spectacular shine and sparkle. After knowing about so many brand names, you must be confused? Worth to mention, if you are want a fair investment just opt for Cubic Zirconia or Moissanite. Check their exclusive collections and make a choice.

Simulated diamond engagement rings are perfect gifts to present your sweetheart on the W-day. Get an elegant piece and adorn her with love. After all, it's your love attached with the gift that makes it special. 
Published: 8/11/2010
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