Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Nokia Aeon Concept Design

Nokia Aeon was presented by Nokia on their website in the Research & Development section. What is so great about this phone is that it looks like it will actually go into production next February. Of course, its just a rumor, but still, makes us hope to actually see it someday in the GSM shop. All we know about it for now is that its a touchscreen phone and it looks fantastic.

The Nokia Aeon has a similar design to the Synaptics Onyx. The concept phone will feature a full surface touch screen display that replaces the traditional keypad. Its unique design gives this concept phone an extremely sleek and sexy look. Nokia should use some perfected material that doesn’t leave fingerprints on Aeon’s touch screen display; otherwise, you will probably spend half your time wiping it. ( click here for the article )

The concept phone, dubbed Aeon, combines two touch-sensitive panels mounted on a fuel-cell power pack. The handset's connectivity and electronics are built into the panels to allow them to be used independendently. When assembled, one panel would operate as the display, the other as the keypad. Since the buttons are entirely virtual, Aeon can flip instantly between a numeric pad for dialling, a text-entry pad for messaging, or a media-player controller.

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dw said...

hmmm are u sure they'll be selling this? looks cool u know! but looks kinda fragile -.- hahaha